D-Tech Space is a two-day international conference that connects tech entrepreneurs, software experts and the decentralization community.

12 speakers from all over the world will share their thoughts, experience and expertise in exponential technologies, innovative entrepreneurship and disruptive business models that are already shaking up the market. We will also bring up such global topics as startup cities, startup societies and industries of the future.

Apart from this, we are preparing Startup Expo, Virtual Reality Lounge, Biohacker’s Lab, Futuristic Afterparty with two electronic music bands, VIP CryptoDinner and a myriad of other networking opportunities to put you in contact with the right people! 
Outstanding speakers
Opinion leaders


Disruptive business models
Go-To-Market strategies
Big data & Tech Research
Building & scaling decentralized businesses
Ways to fund your disruptive startup


FOR SOFTWARE EXPERTS, geeks and freaks
How to write and deploy a smart contract on Ethereum
How to write an ERC20 token
How to write an ICO token
Dapp development
Top programming languages to learn if you want to land a job in a disruptive startup


Startup societies
Industries of the future
Creative economy
We are bringing together most forward-thinking individuals, entrepreneurs, futurists, visionaries, evangelists, leaders, investors, and tech fans to ignite creativity and inspire action!

Matt McKibbin


Matt McKibbin has been a blockchain evangelist since 2013. From 2013 to 2017, he coordinated the DC Blockchain Meetup and was heavily involved in the BitAngels investment group. While the blockchain space was still young, he worked with companies such as BitPay and Factom by leveraging his network to educate the community about the potentials of decentralized applications.

He later went on to co-found Ubitquity, the world's first blockchain-based title transfer company, and D10e the first and leading conference on decentralization. He serves as an advisor to Network Society Labs, Humaniq, Securrency, and Social Evolution and has been involved in several early-stage blockchain startups, including Ubiquity, Trive.news, and Propy. In 2017, he founded DecentraNet, a consulting and advisory firm, in order to provide real world business experience for the nascent blockchain entrepreneurial world.

Matt has spoken as an expert on decentralization at premier conferences worldwide. He has been featured in dozens of media publications, including Bloomberg, Nasdaq, TechCrunch, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin Magazine, and more. Matt received his Bachelor’s of Arts in physics from West Virginia University and currently lives in Washington DC.


Antonio Manno


Antonio Manno is a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur having set up one of the first Internet Service Provider in Italy in the year 1994 after he spent the first part of his career as a manager of the FIAT Group.

Antonio followed the boom and bust of the first internet era having created also the first auction online and group buying company in Europe in 1998 which reached the value of 200 million euro at his peack in the year 2000.

After the internet bust he left Italy for Estonia where he spent several years opening the baltic market for several italian SMEs, then in 2010 he moved to Chile to work with Skinner Layne which he met online a couple of yeas before in a alt currency forum, in 2012 he cofunded Exosphere.
Antonio is a passionate scholar of the Austrian Economist Ludwig Von Mises and of the indian philosopher Jidda Krishnamurti.

Dominik Stroukal

Czech Republic

Dominik Stroukal

Czech Republic

Dominik Stroukal is and is a director of Liberální institut, the first Czech (and Slovak) classically liberal think-tank. He is a former president of the Czech and Slovak Ludwig von Mises Institute. He holds a Ph.D. in Economic Theories and MA in Economic Analysis at the University of Economics, and MA in Media Studies at Charles University, both in Prague, Czech Republic. He is a lecturer at the CEVRO Institute University, University of Finance and Administration and teaches economics at two high schools.

He is currently doing research on cryptocurrencies and labor economics. He co-authored his first book about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin: The Money of the Future (in Czech). He published papers about Czech labor markets where he works on the dynamics of unemployment.

Czech Republic

Andriy Sobol


Andriy Sobol - technical director of Satoshi Fund, founder of Pandora Boxchain, holds expertize in decentralized systems, cryptography, economics, and game theory. He knows a way how to become blockchain expert in 20 minutes (there is no way), and can tell you about the life in new reality - with cryptocurrencies, neural networks, total robotization and decentralization.

Volodymyr Bandura
Volodymyr Bandura

Volodymyr Bandura


TOPIC: Big data analytics for technology research and forecast

Volodymyr Bandura is CEO at Innolytics Group and Lecturer, Partnership and Sponsorship Coordinator at Singularity University. Volodymyr has over 10 years of experience in large-scale investment projects and startups as well as in creation and development of business projects. While admitting that exponential  technologies like robotics, 3d printing, AI, nanotech etc. may become threats to the current business processes and products, he embraces them as immense possibilities for reinventing and bringing businesses to a totally new level of performance.

Joe McKinney
Joe McKinney

Joe McKinney


Joe is the CEO at Startup Societies Foundation and Nuhanse Network.

Their mission is to connect, educate and empower small territorial experiments in government — all over the world.

Startup Societies Foundation studies, promotes, and connects startup societies. They want to create a vibrant, global startup societies industry through international conferences, investment summits, digital content and academic studies.

Nuhanse Network is a consulting and software development firm for startup societies projects.


Tristan Senycia


TOPIC: Why domain expertise is not enough for launching truly disruptive products

Tristan has been actively involved in High Tech product startups since 2011, when he founded his first Software-as-a-Software business and was accepted into and funded by Australia's leading Technology Accelerator programme 'Accelerating Commercialisation'.

As is the case for many high-tech product startups, a lot was learnt but commercialisation became untenable due to structural problems within the commercial building market and associated regulatory systems.

This experience formed the platform for Tristan to join the founders of YouTeam.co.uk, Anton Mishchenko, Yurij Riphyak and Andri Grushetsky, in support of a new venture, a two-sided digital marketplace where customers can search for available tech talent.

In some ways it is similar to UpWork, the key difference is that the specialists available are not freelancers but instead full-time employed specialists located in nearshore locations (Central & Eastern Europe).

This solution suits clients wanting to extend their design and development teams, without needing to go through the recruitment process and expense of making an in-house hire or managing, unmanageable freelancers.

Tristan is also the Founder Partner of 'LeverPoint Advisory' to help startups with an MVP penetrate the market and navigate the tech product adoption cycle. LeverPoint consults in the areas of customer development, commercialisation management, go-to-market strategy and high-tech marketing strategy.


Adam Dorfman


TOPIC: Platform business models with recent breakthroughs in AI and robotics

Adam Dorfman [MBA, Author, and Platform Designer]: Following several years working in investment banking in Canada, Adam realized the world is being transformed by platforms.

Platform business models are transforming the world, with recent breakthroughs in AI and robotics, they will soon forever change the nature of work for humanity.

In this presentation, Adam will explain real-life platform business models and the mindset used by iconic figures to answer the follow questions:

• How to prepare for the new economy?
• What are practical ways to think about the future of jobs?
• How the basic principles of platform design unleash new productive capabilities?
• How to find platform business model opportunities?

More to be announced soon! Stay tuned!
Startup EXPO
Participants will have an amazing opportunity to discover most recent business trends and see demonstrations of unique business models that are shaking the market today!
Re-shaping internet era
Re-inventing trust
Digital assets
Re-distributing wealth
Emerging technologies
Re-designing digital future
Artificial Intelligence


3-D Printing
Re-connecting consumers and designers
human life
Re-making movies and re-telling stories. 

Virtual Reality Lounge

Although there's still no sign of flying cars or robot butlers, there is nothing that can stop us with virtual reality. Don't miss a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into new dimensions of time and space and check out how the future unfolds in front of your very eyes.


Have you ever been wondering how you can upgrade ... yourself?! At D-Tech Space you will have a unique opportunity to implant a microchip and literally take the control of your ID, money, or password in your very hands!


Are you looking for specific services for your new disruptive startup? At D-Tech Space it's as simple as a piece  of pie. We have partnered and can connect you with the companies that provide consulting, market research, marketing, and blockchain-based solutions.
The conference will take place in Lviv, Ukraine in an ultramodern venue. It is a formerly abandoned factory that is now being reconstructed by !FEST, a chain of creative restaurants and projects. The party will feature a holographic show that will get you immersed into the world of the future.
D-Tech Space is not just a conference, it’s a festival of ideas! We are a community where you can share your vision of the future but also party your hat off. Join us in beautiful Lviv for a weekend to remember!
The price goes up on March 1st!
General (1day)
$50 $60 after March 1st
- Main Stage
- Expo Zone
popular (1 day)
$60 $70 after March 1st
- Main Stage
- Expo Zone
- Futuristic Afterparty
Full Pack Ticket (2 days)
$200 $225 after March 1st
- Main Stage
- Expo Zone
- Futuristic Afterparty
- VIP CryptoDinner with speakers and special guests




Who are the speakers?
We care a great deal about the quality of the content you hear on stage. Our speakers are top professionals in innovative tech fields, evangelists for disruptive technologies, successful entrepreneurs; all unique and inspiring people.
How can I pay? Can I pay with cryptocurrency?
Of course! You can get a ticket through 2event or go to our chatbot to pay with crypto. You can see what types of tickets we offer at our home page. Hurry up before the prices go up!
What is the DecentraNet Futuristic Party?
We believe conferences don’t have to be just dull networking! After the conference, we’ll be hosting a legendary party. We will create an unforgettable futuristic atmosphere complete with a laser show and electronic music. A truly unique experience you won’t see at any other tech conference.
What does D-Tech Space mean?
It stands for Disruptive Technologies Space: a community of people who create technologies and ideas that are shaping the information age and re-designing all spheres of human life.
What is the Startup Expo?
We are gathering the best, most fascinating gadgets and startups in one place. At the exhibition you’ll be able to speak to successful entrepreneurs and look at and try out the most awesome pieces of technology out there.
What are the topics of the conference?
We discuss innovative and disruptive technologies, like blockchain, 3D-printing, AR/VR, drones, robotics, AI, etc. We also talk about ideas and fields that will transform our lives in the future, like decentralization, digital assets, smart cities, sharing economies and transhumanism.
Why should I attend?
Our community is the perfect place for tech industry executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, futurists, investors, tech fans and everyone who believes in the unbelievable! Looking to be a part of the future, get inspired and have fun? You’re in the right place.
Where is the event taking place?
The conference will take place in the beautiful city of Lviv, Ukraine in an ultramodern dynamic venue, a formerly abandoned factory that is now being reconstructed by !FEST, a chain of creative restaurants and projects. A truly unique place!
How can I be a sponsor?
Easy! Choose a proposal that fits your needs best in our proposal booklet and contact us at [email protected] to discuss further. We’ll be excited to hear from you.
Why should I sponsor?
You won’t just be investing, you’ll be helping us bring together creativity and technologies, build a community of people who design the future today, and brainstorm ideas that will upgrade our society with us! You can be a part of something bigger today.
How else can I contribute?
Contact us at [email protected], make a case for yourself and good things may happen!
Who are our partners?
Our partners are DecentraNet, a blockchain consultancy agency; Exosphere, an academy of science and the arts; IT Cluster, Lviv’s biggest community of tech people; and many more awesome organizations.
I am a journalist; how can I get accredited?
Follow the link to find out more.
I want to join your team; how can I do that?
We would love to get to know you and see if you can help spread futuristic ideas. Hit us up at [email protected]
What music will be at the party?
This year, the party will be hosted by Hindu, an electronic music artist, who creates magical, immersive sound with an addictive beat. An unforgettable night guaranteed.
Why are there music bands at all? This is a tech conference!
We like to work hard and play harder! Join us as we unwind after a day of discussing ideas that will change the world.