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Antonio Manno. Business plan. Step 1 : Wash your dishes.

Business plan. Step 1 : Wash your dishes. Or how I like to call it: “The Kitchen Metaphora” I sneak around your house and secretly open the door to your kitchen. I direct my gaze to the sink and see the pots and pans dirty and disorderly stacked to be washed “soon,” and I am sure that […]
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Антоніо Манно: “Бізнес-план. Крок перший: Помий свій посуд”

Або як я це називаю «кухонна метафора» Я прокрадаюся у твій дім і потай відчиняю двері до твоєї кухні. Я дивлюся на раковину і бачу безладну гору брудних каструль та сковорідок, яку ти плануєш помити «згодом», і можу з упевненістю сказати, що ти ніколи в житті не станеш справжнім підприємцем! Ніколи! Я вже знайомий з […]
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Learning to avoid mistakes: Cryptocurrencies and how to use them right

We at D-Tech Space started our biweekly blockchain meetups in Lviv with a lecture on common mistakes with cryptocurrencies. Loosing your wallet, getting hacked, falling for a scam, sending money to a wrong address – there are many ways to mess up with cryptocurrencies, but you will not make such mistakes if you attended the first […]
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Meet Matt!

The D-Tech conference in Lviv is proud to announce Matt McKibbin as one of our confirmed speakers! An angel investor, a real estate entrepreneur, and a futurist visionary walks into a bar. The server asks: “Will it be the usual, Matt?” Jokes aside, anybody in the decentralization movement will surely have heard of Matt – […]
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4 Ways To Make Networking Not Suck

4 Ways To Make Networking Not Suck Networking in tech space and how to make the most of it Let’s face it – networking is a drag. We all know faux interest when we see it. It’s morally draining and this is why the thought of another tech conference makes you shiver nervously. But it […]
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Biohacking: upgrade yourself!

What is biohacking? The term sounds like something out of a dystopian cyberpunk novel, but the reality is much less worrying. If drugs to make us smarter and bionic eyes helping the blind see are anything to go by, biohacking is a benevolent force that will become more present in our lives as the century […]
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