Antonio Manno

Antonio Manno is a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur having set up one of the first Internet Service Provider in Italy in the year 1994 after he spent the first part of his career as a manager of the FIAT Group.

Antonio followed the boom and bust of the first internet era having created also the first auction online and group buying company in Europe in 1998 which reached the value of 200 million euro at his peack in the year 2000.

After the internet bust he left Italy for Estonia where he spent several years opening the baltic market for several italian SMEs, then in 2010 he moved to Chile to work with Skinner Layne which he met online a couple of yeas before in a alt currency forum, in 2012 he cofunded Exosphere.
Antonio is a passionate scholar of the Austrian Economist Ludwig Von Mises and of the indian philosopher Jidda Krishnamurti.