Tristan Senycia

TOPIC: Why domain expertise is not enough for launching truly disruptive products

Tristan has been actively involved in High Tech product startups since 2011, when he founded his first Software-as-a-Software business and was accepted into and funded by Australia’s leading Technology Accelerator programme ‘Accelerating Commercialisation’.

As is the case for many high-tech product startups, a lot was learnt but commercialisation became untenable due to structural problems within the commercial building market and associated regulatory systems.

This experience formed the platform for Tristan to join the founders of, Anton Mishchenko, Yurij Riphyak and Andri Grushetsky, in support of a new venture, a two-sided digital marketplace where customers can search for available tech talent.

In some ways it is similar to UpWork, the key difference is that the specialists available are not freelancers but instead full-time employed specialists located in nearshore locations (Central & Eastern Europe).

This solution suits clients wanting to extend their design and development teams, without needing to go through the recruitment process and expense of making an in-house hire or managing, unmanageable freelancers.

Tristan is also the Founder Partner of ‘LeverPoint Advisory’ to help startups with an MVP penetrate the market and navigate the tech product adoption cycle. LeverPoint consults in the areas of customer development, commercialisation management, go-to-market strategy and high-tech marketing strategy.